Is Rice Water Poisonous

There is a debate that rice water is poisonous and is foolish to use because it will eventually cause serious health issues, maybe even death. This belief stems from an ingredient found in rice, Arsenic. There is no argument that Arsenic kills, yet how is it that no known person has died or fallen ill from using rice water in their hair care routine? As a natural lover of all things coming from the earth. One had to discover if rice water is poison or just genius.
We must understand that just about anything can be poisonous to our bodies. It’s the amount that can kill you. If you ate large amounts of sugar or salt every day, you would not last it too long. We see this every day with the large quantities of the above ingredients in just about everything we consume. The United States may have the highest rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Drinking too much water can kill you also. Drinking an excessive amount of water has killed people and in a way where there is nothing anyone can do about it, other than watch their loved one die.

Rice water has been used for thousands of years, and we are still waiting to hear of someone dying from using it. The second important factor is that rice water is thoroughly washed before using and reduces Arsenic by 25 to 30 percent. The third and last point is this; We use rice water on our scalp and skin. Our skin is natural designed to protect the inner organs from dangers, especially poisons. If rice water could have killed us, then none of us should have made it past childhood. We made mud pies, got dirty playing in the dirt and from playing outdoor sports. Is Arsenic deadly, yes, but so is drinking way too much water for your body?

We understand what dangers are in the rice water, now let’s look into why it works. Inositol is the main ingredient in rice water. Inositol is what your hair grows thick and healthy. The more often you rinse your hair with rice water, the healthier, softer, and shinier it becomes. Not everyone wants long hair, but everyone wants healthy hair. Using rice water properly can help you to achieve this goal quickly.
Greenleaf Health LLC makes their rice water as close to the traditional methods as possible. Their safeguarded combination of herbs is what facilitates holistically healthy hair. Not only will you enjoy a lustrous head of hair, but you will also have peace of mind that you are giving your hair the best rice water rinse in America.

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