Welcome to Pandem Magazine

The pandemic has not been easy on one. Many of us have lost a loved one or has battled Covid-19. Our hearts go out to the families who have suffered because of this pandemic. This magazine, along with our company GreenLeaf Health LLC has been born out of the pandemic. Being healthy has always been a fundamental goal in our lives, but now with this virus looming over us, health became a top priority. At the time, there was no vaccine and no known effective treatment. Naturally, I fell back into my upbringing on herbal health. I researched and came up with my blend of herbs to take, and soon after, we began to notice significant improvements in our health. Our discoveries became the spark for our company Greenleaf. In our debut issue, you will learn about some fantastic people and businesses. We hope that you enjoy this issue, and we look forward to bringing you more.


April Jim

John W. Bennett Jr.

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