The history of fake eyelashes

The History of Fake Eyelashes

Recently, there is a post circling social media stating that a prostitute from 1882 named Gerda Puridle invented elongated eyelashes to help protect the eyes of prostitutes from customers. Ummm….well, you can imagine what. According to, this story is false. Although it is a very entertaining story, I could not find any information to back this up; therefore, I would agree with

The history I did find on fake eyelashes stems back to Egyptian times. Such as many beauty treatments and products we use today, it was birth in Egypt. The first false eyelashes were created out of Kohl, yes, the same magical black stuff we use to line our eyes with. Somehow our ancestors give the eyes not only beautiful long lashes but a pleasing shape. The Kohl was not only used for beauty. Actually, it wasn’t about beauty at all. The purpose was to protect the eyes from elements and the sun’s glare from living in the desert.

There is no denying long eyelashes are gorgeous. In 1911 a lady by the name of Anna Taylor patented temporary glue on eyelashes. This style of false lashes is still used today. However, what about people who want to grow their own lashes or maintain the health of their own lashes in-between using false ones. Well, Egypt also created a treatment to grow your lashes naturally. It works for brows too. There are no side effects, safe on the eyes, and in as little as a week to two weeks, you will notice longer lashes. Furthermore, you will not lose length in your lashes long after you have finished the product. Even if you wear false lashes, this is an excellent treatment to give your lashes the nourishment they need to stay healthy.

April Thomas
Greenleaf Health LLC

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